Monday, 25 August 2008

Power of thought tip 1

There is a saying that your energy flows where your attention goes. So whatever you are thinking about and putting attention on is likely to happen - whether or not it's what you want!

Have you noticed that horses only focus their attention on what is happening and what they need or want right now? They respond in the moment and to the moment. They don't plan for things they don't want. So let's take a leaf from their book.

If you dwell on what you don't want to happen, it is more likely to. Keep this thought in your head instead:

I focus on the good things I want from my riding.

It might help to write down five good things you are going to focus on this week.

And please share your thoughts and experiences, via comments, to help others.

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poppy m said...

Hi Tina,
Have you lookd at this site?

I get it sent to the inbox.