Saturday, 23 August 2008

First post

This is me snoozing on my dear penny while she munches, seemingly oblivious to me. Jester is munching away in the background. These two horses have been my saviours and my healers over the last few years. On days of despair when I would gladly have never come out from under the duvet, they kept me going and helped me through another day.
I always knew they came to me for a reason (I wasn't searching for either of them), and now I know why. Coming to live with me allowed them to just 'be' the horses they are, rather than the competition horses they were destined to be. And in their 'being' they have shown me how to 'be' myself too and taught me how to stop trying to be and do what I thought I should to please or prove myself to others. They have taught me the real power of 'now' and how to live in the present, sitting with pain or joy and allowing both to just be.
Horses are such phenomenal creatures. I hope that by sharing my thoughts, experiences, hopes and dreams on this blog, and I encourage you to comment and add your thoughts, experiences, hopes and dreams too, that we can bring to awareness just how important and special these creatures are in our lives. The world and humanity is richer for their presence, their teaching, their healing and their unconditional love for us. Horses rock!

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