Monday, 20 October 2008

Power of Thought Tip 4

A what if....thought can be a positive thought too. I wonder what will happen when I change my what if...worries to what if... I get what I want.

Use the power of your imagination

It’s all too easy to imagine something horrible happening. But have you ever noticed that if something happens, like the horse spooks, in that moment you cope perfectly well and feel nothing? It’s afterwards when you start thinking about all the ‘what ifs’ that you start to feel the fear?

Try this… take a ‘what if’ that worries you and follow it through to a positive outcome; an outcome where you remain in control or regain control and you are safe and happy.

And this... think of something you really want to achieve. What if you get it? Imagine what it will be like? What will you see, hear, feel? Wouldn't you rather be imagining this?

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smartypants said...

what if,thoughts have been bugging me since I bought my pony. I find these power of thought tips very useful and it gives me something different to think about. thanks tina